Couples Photos Under the Northern Lights | Aurora Engagement

May 13, 2024

When you get a once in a lifetime aurora storm above your hometown, it is a need to take couples photos under the northern lights. As an astrophotographer turned wedding photographer, when the northern lights came to Utah I took it as my sign to camp with some of my best friends so that we could immortalize the experience.

Couples Photos Under the Northern Lights. Aurora Engagement Photos.

For these photos, we went out to Antelope Island in Utah for the best chance of minimizing light pollution. I had initially wanted to drive more north to have a more intense viewing experience, but we were lucky enough to be at the edge of the solar storm on the Great Salt Lake! We sat next to a campfire for several hours eagerly watching. Then, at about 1:30AM, we finally saw the first hints of the green hue crawling along the sky. Within minutes, they exploded into vibrant pink rays the reached into the stars.

To take couples photos under the northern lights, it requires a long exposure for the aurora to be exposed. For that, I will tell my couples to hold as still as possible for a few seconds while my camera sits on a tripod. These are the results of just a few minutes under the lights.

It is my ultimate dream to take aurora photos in Iceland, Norway, or Alaska. If you are planning your wedding for late winter in any of these epic northern locations or want your own couples photos under the northern lights, hit me up and I will give you a special deal for the chance to document such a unique experience.

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