Couples Adventure Photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest

May 29, 2024

A Storytelling Couples Session to Capture a New Adventure

As a travel photographer, I’m always up for an adventure especially when it comes to returning clients.  When Kelsey & Michael reached out to me to join them in the Pacific Northwest to celebrate their recent move, I couldn’t wait.  This session was an artistic, cinematic approach to capturing the romance between these two and the latest adventure in their story.

Pacific Northwest Couples Adventure Photoshoot

I typically shoot engagements, elopements, and weddings in the Utah area (and beyond!), so there was something truly emotional about capturing the next chapter for Kelsey & Michael.  These two were high school sweethearts who have dreamed of moving to the Pacific Northwest together for years.  Tired of just talking about it, they decided to take the leap and moved to a cabin house in Stevenson, Washington.  Since this was such a momentous page turn in their love story, a two day shoot showcasing their new life was only fitting.  We decided to combine both a day of adventuring through the Oregon coast as well as an in-home session in their new cabin.

Adventure Couple Photography at Hug Point Beach

First up on the two day session agenda was spent exploring the Oregon coast at Hug Point Beach.  This area is diverse in landscape and gave us such beautiful, picturesque locations for their photos.  Somewhat removed from the more touristy locations, Hug Point Beach and the surrounding wooded areas were perfect for having a bit more intimacy for the photos.  We shot these photos in early December and on the drive up, I saw no sun.  However, as I pulled into the parking lot, the sun shone through the heavy foliage of the forest and heavy mist that curled off the ocean.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I could’ve cried. It was so beautiful and serene, and I knew the lighting would be perfect for the theme of the shoot.

Blue Hour Near Elk Flats Rock

Kelsey & Michael explored and embraced each other through the ferns & pines as the sun peeked through the canopy. As the sun shifted behind the clouds, we made our way down to the beach below. They explored the coast and found a little alcove that’s normally hidden by the tides where they sat and took in the waves as we settled into blue hour.  The original plan was to make the full hike to Elk Flats rock, but we decided against it.  Instead, they spent the evening watching the loudly roaring sea.

Pacific Northwest In-Home Session

Next up on our two day session was capturing Kelsey & Michael in their Stevenson, Washington cabin.  After we spent the day before wandering through the cool mist and fog of the Pacific Northwest, the golden light inside their cozy cabin created a beautiful contrast in comparison.  The warmth of the lamp light mirrored the warmth of their wood burner as they danced in their living room to their favorite music.  They treated the session as a casual date night in and it worked beautifully.  There are few things more romantic than getting front row seats for a couple madly in love living out their dreams together. Just outside their home, a small plaque graces a post that reads, “Dream as if you’ll live forever.”  This was a meaningful embodiment of their years-long dream of living in the PNW and all they hope to get out of this new chapter.

Travel Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hi, I’m Elayna!  I’m a Utah-based wedding photographer and videographer by trade, but a nomad at heart.  If you’re imagining cinematic photos that evoke a sense of nostalgia, I’m the photographer for you.  As a storytelling photographer, I love a good adventure and travel often to capture romances not just in Utah, but all around the world.  Want to see how I can bring your dream photos to life?  Take a look at the packages I offer and let’s have a chat about how I can capture your unique story.

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