Little Sahara Sand Dunes Engagement Session

May 29, 2024

A Carefree Couples Session in Northern Utah

Little Sahara Sand Dunes Engagement Session

After weeks of snow in early May, most of Northern Utah was wet and cold. So when we talked about traveling further south for engagement photos, Little Sahara Sand Dunes came up as a potential spot that had promising potential. With these sand dunes being so vast, there were endless areas to explore. You can check out Little Sahara Sand Dunes’ website to get a feel for some of the nearby areas you can explore and what other types of recreation you’ll probably see while you’re there. Because it had been raining all week, we were lucky to see no one. All past tracks from recreational vehicles had also been washed out, giving us a clean slate to run around on.

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

We decided to start a little before sunset and go into blue hour in order to fully get the full beauty of the sunset here. It also allowed for the cooler tones of the sand to be captured. They played tag, sat together in the sand, and danced while I shot photo and video. After this night, I am totally in love with doing engagement sessions at Little Sahara Sand Dunes and hope to shoot many more here!!

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