Salt Lake City Engagement on Super 8MM Film

Apr 10, 2024

If you want your love to feel like a vintage 80s film, or just have a raw softness to it that digital can’t quite replicate, having your engagement on super 8mm film is it for you.

When I moved to Salt Lake City from Jackson Hole last year, I was SO intimidated by the city. It was busy, loud, and a stark contrast from the quietness of my smaller hometown. That being said, it scared me to move my business over to Utah. I wasn’t sure how my shooting style was going to mesh with this faster pace, or if I would get swallowed up in the sea of photographers here.

Well, this spring, I told myself I would put myself out there and create just for the sake of creating for myself. I had met Cami a couple of years ago and knew she’d just gotten engaged. With my new years goals in my mind and the desire to push my photography limits, I asked her if she and her fiance would be willing to run around Salt Lake City with me for a night. I shot their engagement on super 8mm film and digital photography. The result was one of my favorite works I have EVER CREATED as a videographer and photographer.

Elayna RaNae Photo and Film is a super 8mm film videographer based out of Salt Lake City and Jackson Hole. I’ll travel anywhere in the world to document love though!! To book your own wedding or engagement on super 8mm film, contact me today and let’s get you on those books. I have also recently started a YouTube if you’d like to see more of my Utah and Jackson Hole videography there!

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