A Moose-Crashed Grand Teton Elopement

Feb 15, 2024

Grand Teton Elopement at Schwabacher Landing

When I first talked to Brenna and Ryan on the phone about their Grand Teton Elopement at Schwabacher Landing, Brenna said that the one thing that would absolutely make the experience would be seeing a moose. She had visited Grand Teton National Park once before, years prior, and coming from Pennsylvania, had never seen a moose in real life. It was a huge bucket list, so we joked that if we saw a moose on their day, it would be their own personal good luck charm to bless their marriage. Knowing that the elopement ceremony would be at Schwabacher Landing, I felt that they if they had any chance of seeing one, this was their best bet, as I’ve seen moose frequent the area more than any other area in the park. That being said though, when Brenna and Ryan planned their elopement in the Grand Tetons, they did not expect any guests to be present.

We started off their wedding day in their Airbnb in Driggs, where Brenna had a first look with both Ryan and they boys. With that, we headed off to Jackson Hole to explore the park before their ceremony! Mormon Row and the Elk Ranch Flats were high on their list of places they wanted to see, so we figured these would be a perfect precursor to their ceremony.

Schwabacher Landing at Grand Teton National Park

After a couple of hours of driving around together, the time was fast approaching to head to start the actual elopement. As we pulled into the parking lot for Schwabacher Landing, we came upon a large but silent crowd of tourists and photographers watching the marsh. My heart started to race as I had an idea of what could be happening. I quickly grabbed my gear and ran to the trailhead, where we were met with the beautiful sight of this awe inspiring beast. I couldn’t believe our luck and I looked to my side to see Brenna and Ryan ecstatic and filled with their own excitement. Their good luck charm had appeared.

Finally, after watching the moose wade through the water a bit, we decided it was time to make things official, and get the two lovebirds married at their official ceremony site down the trail a ways. We had the entire area to ourselves, everyone else drawn to the moose at the trailhead. They were able to exchange vows in an private and intimate setting, nothing to intrude but the chirps of birds in the nearby trees and under the epic peaks of the jagged Tetons. With a sounding, “I do,” from Brenna and Ryan, their knot was tied. Two nearby tourists approached to express their congratulations, and they ended up being honored by being the two signing witnesses on the wedding license.

Following the ceremony, we visited the Snake River Overlook and had a small picnic at a pullout on the inner ring of the park until it got dark, ending the night in the town square. These two got to have the full Wyoming wedding experience, from the wildlife, to the high spirits of the Cowboy Bar, and I adore that this day had all they hoped for. Getting married in Jackson Hole is an experience no one could forget.

Grand Teton Wedding Photographer

If you want help planning your own Grand Teton Elopement, message me today and I’d adore to help you make your dreams a reality!! I have helped dozens of couples plan their elopements in the Grand Tetons and it is something that I will always treasure. I want nothing more than to help couples curate their own unique days into something they’ll love and believe everyone should have that opportunity. So let’s do the damn thing and get you married in the mountains.

Wondering what time of year is the best to get married in the Tetons? I’ve written a blog with all my notes and tips for you!

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