Big Sur Elopement on Film

Feb 15, 2024

Film has such a nostalgia to it that many have started to hold very dear in the past few years. As I have grown in the wedding industry, it has absolutely melted me how many couples have this great love for it and want this important day documented in such an intentional and beautiful way!! This past summer I was honored to be chosen by Oak and Tyler to photograph their micro wedding in Big Sur, California. Oak herself is a wedding photographer, an Tyler is a big lover of film and has spent years documenting his travels and personal life on his own medium format camera and on 35mm film. With that, I put a particularly big emphasis on shooting film throughout their special day.

They started off the day with getting ready together in their hotel room at Monte Verde Inn. It was a very intimate and beautiful setting, and just a perfect way to start off their wedding – in each others’ presence.

With the evening approaching, we then headed to the coast, where they held their ceremony overlooking the ocean. The official ceremony spot was in Garrapata State Park, and they included their parents and Oak’s sister, who was the officiant. It was breezy, with a cool fog rolling off the sea, but they had the whole park to themselves.

After the ceremony, we explored the coast together. I’d scouted out a few cliffsides that I thought would be beautiful for some private moments between the two. We stayed out until it was completely dark, with Oak chasing the ocean waves on the beach and Tyler shooting off a few of his own film photos. It was a quiet and serene way to end the night, having sealed their love with the taste of salt in the air and the sound of the ocean crashing beneath them.

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