Lesbian Proposal in the Tetons

Feb 14, 2024

Lesbian engagement in the Tetons.

The Tetons are a place for all lovers. A month before this surprise proposal, Rachel reached out to me about her dream of a surprise proposal to her girlfriend, Kelsey, as they passed through Jackson Hole on a road trip. We talked about several different possible location options when we finally settled on the proposal taking place at the Wedding Tree. The Wedding Tree is an overlook in the Targhee National forest above the GTNP itself. Out of other popular spots in the Tetons, this is one of the best spring locations for photos, as it melts faster than those in the shadow of the mountain and is generally a very private area.

I hid as a “tourist” photographing the landscape when I saw them come up with their pup. I waited a ways off to give them privacy as they talked, watching for the moment Rachel would get down on one knee. As she pulled out the ring, I ran to document the feelings and excitement shared between the two. Kelsey was beyond ecstatic and it was so precious to be able to witness such a beautiful step in their relationship. They had the whole overlook to themselves and it made for such a beautiful, intimate moment that I know they won’t forget.

After the initial proposal, we explored the nearby area together and took some engagement photos to celebrate as the sun set.

If you are thinking about proposing in the Tetons, here is a link to the pros and cons of each of the seasons you’ll see in Jackson Hole!

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