Winter Engagement on Film | Cle Elum Photographer

Jan 28, 2024

Film. It’s sentimental memories photographed and bottled up into beautiful imagery.

Film photography is something I love to offer for all of my engagements and weddings, and brings my whole world joy when I get the opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about the beauty and intention it brings to their sessions!!

Early this winter, I had the opportunity to drive from Utah up to Cle Elum, Washington, and photograph these two beautiful and adventurous humans for their engagement. We ran around for hours in knee deep snow as a snow storm rolled through the mountain pass, only stopping after the sun was down. We were completely soaked but it was so worth it. I ended up getting snowed in and staying an extra few nights as I waited for roads to be safe enough to travel home, and just absolutely fell in love with the charm and peace of this quiet mountain town.

They specifically requested for film to be shot at their engagement (and soon, their intimate wedding in Forks, Washington) and the result made me fall even more in love with this medium. As you scroll through this gallery, you will see a mix of colors from an evening of running around with both a digital and film camera.

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