Jackson Hole Videographer | Grand Teton Engagement Film

Mar 15, 2024

When I was growing up, I didn’t know that I would one day be living my dream job as a Jackson Hole videographer.

What I did know??

That I loved making home videos for my family. Trips, holidays, reunions – my camera was constantly in hand. I found myself making these because I loved going back years later. My Dad’s laugh could be heard and I could rewatch inside jokes unfold with friends. I could see my siblings grow up between each film. More than even photographs, these were nostalgic little windows into my favorite memories of the past.

When I started photographing couples and working in Jackson Hole, I knew that I wanted to one day give others this gift of having their nostalgia filmed like this as well. From photography, it wasn’t long before my ages old passion for video was introduced into my business and I started offering Love Story Films.

Last summer, one love story in particular that I got the opportunity to film was that of J+S. They had spent the last several years living in Idaho and exploring the Tetons together during their summers. On a phone call, I learned that Steve had recently proposed. With a big move coming up and the engagement, they wanted to make sure that this chapter of their life was properly memorialized before it closed. So, we decided to spend the afternoon running around the Tetons to celebrate. There’s nothing quite like being young in love and excited about the future.

To see more films like this, you can stay up to date with my work on Instagram! And even sweeter, connect with me here to book your own Love Story Film. If you are looking for a Jackson Hole videographer for your wedding, I’d absolutely adore to work with you to document the day of your dreams. No matter where in the world, these films are one of my favorite things to create for couples to cherish.

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